Top of the Line
Mobile Washing and Carpet Cleaning

Top of the Line can make your RV Look great!

Top of the Line was established in 2012 by Owner Jorge Chavez, who has been professionally washing RV's since 2008. We are a fully mobile RV washing service with all the equipment necessary to provide professional and convenient RV cleaning to your location.

We use McGuiar's Brand Premium Products.

RV Services

  • RV Washing
  • Foam Waxing
  • Hand Waxing
  • Spray Waxing
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Roof Treatments
  • Roof Coatings
  • All services we use spot free water.

    For regular travelers it's amazing just how quickly your rig will get dirty. Not just dirty, but absolutely filthy! Mud caked on the wheel wells and sprayed across the windows and bug splatter on the windshield. This is a full day of work without the right equipment.

    Your recreational vehicle is not just transportation it's your home if only for the winter. Keeping it cleaned and waxed can be a big job and if neglected water, salt and sun can damage your valuable property. Washing and waxing makes your rig look great and also protects your investment!

    RV Washing

    Top of the line hand washes your RV with the utmost care. We start buy rinsing off the loose grit and debris. Followed by a gentle washing with a soft-bristled brush or a wash mitt and a nonabrasive cleaner.

    Top of the line cleans the windows and windshield to a spot free finish. On request we can treat rubber seals and gaskets with a conditioner.

    We clean RV wheels and tires using mild detergents that do not contain petroleum distillates or ammonia.

    Foam Waxing

    A foam wax is a higher quality of soap with concentrated wax and goes on a foam cannon on the tip of the sprayer which leaves behind a high glossy finish. Foam wax fills in minor scratches leaves a smooth feel that repels water and works great on glass.

    Hand Waxing

    Hand waxing as the name implies is applied by hand using a paste wax or liquid wax after the RV has been washed. Then it's hand buffed to a beautiful showroom shine.

    Spray Waxing

    Spray wax is applied to a clean surface and wiped off to buff the wax using a clean microfiber cloth.

    Oxidation Removal

    Most RV exteriors are made out of fiberglass which tends to oxidize. To safely removes oxidation from fiberglass surfaces we simply use orbital buffers and some polishing compound.

    Roof Treatments and Coatings

    The roof of your RV receives constant abuse from weather, sun and debris falling on it. Do not wait until your roof starts leaking. Liquid rubber white roof coatings reflect 87 percent UV sun light. They covers up cracks, small holes and seams and are flexible and watertight.

    Call today for a free estimate. Top of the line carpet cleaning offers same day service to the Yuma Arizona, Somerton Arizona and surrounding areas.

    We Accept Payments through Visa, MasterCard, Zelle and Venmo.

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